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Analysis on Training & Development Program at Kolej Komuniti Arau, Perlis- assignment HRD

Analysis on Training & Development Program at Kolej Komuniti Arau, Perlis

At the organizational level, a successful Human Resources Development program prepares the individual to undertake a higher level of work, "organized learning over a given period of time, to provide the possibility of performance change" (Nadler 1984). In these settings, Human Resources Development is the framework that focuses on the organization's competencies at the first stage, training, and then developing the employee, through education, to satisfy the organization's long-term needs and the individual's career goals and employee value to their present and future employers.

Human Resources Development can be defined simply as developing the most important section of any business, its human resource, by attaining or upgrading employee skills and attitudes at all levels to maximize enterprise effectiveness. The people within an organization are its human resource. Human Resources Development from a business perspective is not entirely focused on the individual's growth and development; "development occurs to enhance the organization's value, not solely for individual improvement. Individual education and development is a tool and a means to an end, not the end goal itself" (Elwood F. Holton II, James W. Trott Jr).The broader concept of national and more strategic attention to the development of human resources is beginning to emerge as newly independent countries face strong competition for their skilled professionals and the accompanying brain-drain they experience.

McLean and McLean (2001) have offered the following global definition of HRD after reviewing various definitions across the world: “Human Resource Development is any process or activity that, either initially or over the longer-term, has the potential to develop adults’ work based knowledge, expertise, productivity, and satisfaction, whether for personal or group/team gain, or for the benefit of an organization, community, nation, or, ultimately the whole humanity” (p1067).

It is not helpful given this perspective to think of HRD as subset of HRM, either in the structural or functional terms. As the strategic significance of organizational and individual learning as a source of competitive and cooperative advantage gains recognition, a strategic need arises for appropriately positioned "learning architects" with the distinctive competencies and consultancy skills to orchestrate learning initiatives on behalf of their clients. They need to be seen as partners in the formulation of strategy as well as developers of "quality" people to deliver strategy". ( Walton, 2001 p. 1082).

Arau Perlis Community College was established on June 12, 2001 to conduct two courses Full-time Architectural Draughtsman Certificate and Certificate in Electrical Technology (Installation and Services). At the beginning, Arau Perlis Community College stays in Arau Perlis Technical High School while waiting for the permanent campus in the Ruff Bone, Arau. A total of 17 staff (up session in December 2001) was placed in Arau Perlis Community College to facilitate the management, teaching and learning.

Arau Perlis Community College moved to the Permanent Campus in November 2005 in Ruff Bone, Arau Perlis by running three full-time course of the Computer Systems and Support Certificate, Certificate of Fashion and Apparel, Certificate of Food Processing and Quality Control and overall Arau Perlis Community College offers five full-time courses for all levels of society, particularly the states of Perlis and all Malaysians in general. Nowadays, the number of staff was increased to 102 where 82 staff was in academic department while 20 staff was in management. In July 2007, Arau Perlis Community College will offer a diploma course in Electrical Technology (Installation and Services for community college students graduate Certificate in Electrical Technology (Installation and Services).
Objective: 1. Provide education and training that is dynamic and quality.
 2. Organize and create an alternative route for post-secondary education.  
 3. Organize and provide lifelong learning in the development of knowledgeable  
        4. Provide training to upgrade skills and retrain the local workforce needs.  

Vision: 1. To be the excellent institutions offering education and training that is dynamic and quality to contribute to community and country. 2. To be institution of excellence Utara offers quality and dynamic educational training as a contribution to the growth of the local community and nation.

Mission: 1. Potential development opportunities and achieve excellence secondary school leavers and the local community through education and training. 2. To provide secondary school leavers and the local community the opportunity to develop their potential and achieve excellence through education and training.

Arau Perlis Community College has given and offered many training program to their staff in order to increase their knowledge and skills. The staffs are able to choose the training that they need by voice up or request to department head or human resources unit. The training given and offered is as below:-

3.1 Training in Course of Food Processing and Quality Control
(It’s included production of cocoa beans and chocolate (Malaysian Cocoa Board), pasta production, pastry products, ready to eat (MARDI), fish processing, kebab meat production, poultry production, the production of soy sauce, cake decoration techniques, snack products processing, HACCP – Level 2 and GMP – Level 1,2,3).

 3.2 Training in Electrical Technical Courses
            (It’s included wiring conduit and single and three phase mains, ducting installation,
            control of single phase motors and three phase, magnetic control, PLC for motor  
control, fashion and clothing courses, embroidery machine, sewing machine repair, and adobe for designing

3.3 Training in Architectural Draftsman Course
(It’s included 3D computer-aided drawing course using Sketch Up, Adobe Photoshop for architectural presentation drawings,  working drawings of two-storey residential, modeling and building information modeling using revit autocat).

3.4 Training in Computer Courses and Support
(It’s included MS EXCEL 2007 (Intermediate and Advance), CCNA – Comptia A+ (Maintenance), CCNA – Comptia N+ (Networking), Installation and manage operating system (Networking Environment) and Database development (MS Access 2007) – Intermediate).

3.5 Training in General Courses
(It’s included self-development courses and accountability, strengthening course teamwork, protocols and ethics course table, better spoken English course, English courses for counter service, health and fitness courses, building and personal safety courses (the state security department Perlis), work ethics and motivation courses, leadership psychology course (program leaders and heads of units), 5S course, research methodology and data analysis using SPSS).

We are collecting the data from the staff through the questionnaire that has been passing to 30 staff who works at the Arau Perlis Community College. From the analysis that we have done, most of the training is assessed at Arau Perlis Community College by Department Head, Human Resources Unit and outside consultant. The training are exist more than 4 times per year. The college offers training and development program include leadership development courses, Seminar / workshop, tuition reimbursement for college credit courses, adult education / high school community extension courses, certification programs, formal apprenticeship program, high school equivalency and correspondence courses where the most popular training is in leadership development courses.

Most of the staffs who are working at this college have a succession planning. The staffs are conduct and participate in training that has been subsidized by the government. They are permitted time-off work to attend the training with the training director, conducted by supervisor and human resources department and conducted by outside professional.

The minimum hour per year in which staffs must participate in training is over 40 hours. The format of offering that the staff interested in is workshops, classes and briefings. The length of offerings that the staffs interested in is 6 hours (full day) and the time offerings that the staffs interested in is the morning (A.M).

The best days for offering the training is Monday and Friday while the topic that the staffs interested in is leadership development, performance management, workplace communication, problem solving, workplace safety management, reducing stress in the workplace and sexual harassment. The overall staffs planning progress is right on target and successful.

            5.1 ASSESMENT
The college do the assessment which involves collecting information and providing feedback to staff about their behaviour, communication style, values and skills. Assessment is most frequently used to identify staff with managerial potential and to measure current staff strength and weakness. Assessment in Arau Perlis Community College is also use to identify the staff with the potential to move into higher level executive position and it being use with work teams to identify individual team members strength and weaknesses as well as the decision processes or communication style that inhibit the teams productivity. The assessment that has been done is never ending through a year. The weaknesses of the staff will be reducing by the college by sending the staff attends training while the strength of the staff will be use in order to develop a career path in the future.

In the Arau Perlis Community College, the human resource unit apply performance appraisal in order to know the degree of performance for each staff when doing their task. Performance appraisal emphasizes the assessment of the staff strength and weakness but it does not include strategic business consideration. Performance appraisal systems usually do not include extensive and ongoing feedback that the staff can use to improve their performance in the future. Performance appraisal is a once a year event that being held at Arau Perlis Community College that is often driven by the human resources unit.

Every organization have their own strength that can give opportunities for the company to be success in the future and in the same time give opportunities to the staff who work at the company to be more skilful, become a professional and perform higher degree of performance in doing their work task. There are three strengths that Arau Perlis Community College has which is financial support by the government, variety of trainers and cost benefit.

Most of the training program that has been offered at Arau Perlis Community College is subsidized by the Malaysian government where the participator doesn’t have to pay for a fee for the training they involve in. All the training those given to them are free of charge. At the same time they can leave their work for a few days with a great reason and can claim for millage if the training is being held outside their college.

            6.2 VARIETY OF TRAINERS
The speakers or the trainer that has been hired to conduct the training are comes from variety organization. Most of them are from the professional areas which work in government sector such as from UUM, SIRIM, UPM, UM and a few comes from outside consultant.

            6.3 COST BENEFIT
The employees will gain more knowledge and skill where they can use what they have learn to be practice in their work where it can help them in term of promotion and at the same time it will increase their performance, position and salary. They don’t have to pay even single cents for a fee and they can grab the opportunities in order to increase their level.

Even though, the organization have their strength, that doesn’t means they don’t have a weaknesses even they are well establish. There are three weaknesses at Arau Perlis Community College which is training is compulsory to the staff, time consuming and limited place.

Some of the training is compulsory to all staff. They can’t skip any training program that has been set up by the college due to the participation of the government. They must follow the training even though they don’t interested to participate in that training. Sometimes the topic or type of the training do not suite with their need and wants. So, they will be a passive person at the whole training.

            7.2 TIME CONSUMING
Most of the training that has been given to the staff are time consuming. It involve a long time. The training assess from minimum 3 days up to 2 weeks. The staff are force to attend the training while at the same time the staff must leave their commitment toward their family especially for those who are married.

            7.3 LIMITED PLACE
The training that has been given to staff is being held at the auditorium, classes and workshop where the space is very limited. The place was not comfortable for the staff to focus on the topic that been presented by the trainer. There will be a noise incurred when the sender (trainer) delivered the messages to the receivers (staff). This is because due to the large numbers of staff participate in the training while the place are small.

There are some recommendations to overcome the weaknesses that occur at Arau Perlis Community College which is adapting new environment, variety of training program and rewards.

The first recommendations for the Arau Perlis Community College are the trainers must change the environment such as doing the training outside the organization. The places that have been chosen must not too far from the college or organization. It will lead the staffs will not worry about their family at home. Apart of doing the training at classes, auditorium, and workshop, the organization can organize or adapt new environment. As an example, doing the training at National Team Building Camp in order to build a corporation among a team members in a team.

The second recommendations for the Arau Perlis Community College is to set up a mentoring and networking programme to facilitate career development. It also is part of the learning process beside the staff held their training outside the organization. Other than that, the organization also must set up development programmes covering career planning, workshops, partnering with a senior level mentor, and coaching sessions. It also includes 360 degree feedback, action learning sets, confidence building, presentation and interview skills and creative thinking in programmes. Besides that, this college also can adapt a learning skill such as use leadership and senior manager programmes as a feeder to a succession planning programme. After the staff completing their courses, the organization also must set up regular action learning sets for the staff to embed their learning. The variety of training program will help more in order to enhance the learning and training of the staff that provide by the organization

The third recommendation for the Arau Perlis Community College is by offering some rewards to their staffs in order to increase the number of the participation. As an example, the staff will get rewards when attend for training such as gain a certificate, can claim for mileage, meals, and residential. The staff also get allowances when their attend the training. This will lead the staff be more enthusiasm to attend the training while at the same time they can enhance their skills and knowledge.

As a conclusion, we think that the Arau Perlis Community College should variety the training program to attract the staff to participate in the training without feeling to be forced by the top management. This will lead to increase the productivity and employee performance. It also can enhance their knowledge, skills and ability to be more productive and tend to be an expertise worker.


            9.1 INTERVIEW
            Interviewee Name      : Nurazlen Binti Ahmad @ Mazlan
            Position                       : Lecturer of Arau Perlis Community College
            Grade                          : DH 41
            Qualification                : Bachelor in Accountancy (UUM)
                                                 Master in Education Technical & Vocational (UTHM)
            Organization                : Arau Pelis Community College
            Contact No.                 : 019-2788004

            9.2 REFERENCES
            Noe.A.R.(2010).Employee Training and Developmet.Singapore,McGraw-Hill/Irwin.           Sekaran,U.& Bougie,R.(2010).Research Method for Business.Great Britain,A John         
            Wiley and Sons,Ltd,Publication.

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